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Tired easily?

Tired easily?

Tired easily? Have you ever felt tired even though you didn’t do anything? Frequent tiredness is a condition in which the body has less energy than usual that results in feeling tired. Not having energy Which may be caused by insufficient rest And when the body gets enough rest,

cold and flu

Difference between cold and flu

If talking about the flu Believe that very few people do not know And many people may have had this kind of flu already. Which currently has vaccines that can be prevented. But how much is needed for this vaccine? Why do we have to get the flu vaccine every

prevent liver toxicity

Take the medicine properly prevent liver toxicity.

Therefore, in order to prevent and monitor liver disease that may arise from drug use. We should therefore have knowledge of the different types of drugs as follows.  Take medication when needed Do not use an overdose of the drug. Or a longer period of time than the