5 delicious foods destroy the enamel

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5 delicious foods destroy the enamel. Dilicious food, everyone likes it, but many people do not think that they have eaten. Destroys enamel to deteriorate, including unsightly yellow teeth. Which many foods For example, it is something that we could never imagine that would destroy a tooth.

Citrus fruits reputed to be rich in Vitamis. Which is good for health But not with the teeth Especially grapefruit and lemon juice, which are highly acidic. Corrosive, moving teeth as well. Ever researched By using teeth soaked in citrus fruit juice was found Teeth in grapefruit juice And the lemonade was destroyed most of the time. And the teeth soaked in orange juice were the least damaged.

Pickled cucumber

It is a fermented, fermented food product that has greatly destroyed tooth enamel. Studies have shown that people who eat pickled cucumbers more than once a day increase the chance of tooth wear by up to 85%. Times are alright

Energy drink

If you want to drink something refreshing Choose soda over sweetened beverages. Or energy drinks Energy drinks Because these drinks are acidic Ready to destroy tooth enamel


Biscuits, crackers Who would believe it destroyed the teeth? But the ingredients in the crackers will quickly turn into sugar in your mouth. Making bacteria happy And even if it is buried under the tooth flute Can increase the chance of tooth decay

Tea, coffee

Everyone knows that the coffee time. When adhering to the dentin If left for a long time Or accumulate a lot to change the color of the teeth to become brown. Which coffee stains stick more tightly than cigarette stains In addition, if there is a new tooth color There is also a tendency for the teeth to turn yellow easily.