6 symptoms that people who eat sweets before bed must encounter Trust me, it’s not cool!

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    Eat sweets before bedtime, such as cakes, chocolates, cookies, or soft drinks, increases the risk of obesity, nightmares, and many other health risks.

Eat fishy, ​​don’t eat sweet… I’ve never been able to do it. Who likes to eat dessert after dinner? Isn’t it satisfying to eat delicious food before the end of a tiring day? But eating sweets before bedtime often isn’t good at all. because in addition to the weight will increase You may also be exposed to the following health risks.

1. Get old quickly.

          Sugar is the one that makes your face look old faster, girls because sugar is obtained from food, whether it is from ice cream, sweets, sweet drinks, soft drinks, or even starchy foods that will be digested into sugar in the end. Substances in sugar that the body receives will block the secretion of growth hormone. which is a hormone that acts to restore the body during sleep making repairs to different parts of the body UFABET incomplete Youth that should be restored by the body’s mechanisms is not taken care of.

          In addition, the sugar from the food we eat also contributes to the loss of elasticity of skin cells. Due to the structure of collagen and elastin in the skin layer is destroyed by substances in sugar. Therefore, people who eat sweet foods, desserts, sweet drinks, ice cream and a lot of starchy foods, the chances that the skin will wrinkle prematurely, there will be more sure enough.

eat dessert before bed

2. Fatter

          I believe that everyone already knows what foods are fattening. And of course, one of them must have dessert, sweets, milk, butter. It’s on the list of fat foods in the first place, and we believe that everyone knows that. If we eat high-calorie foods before going to bed, the body will burn calories from the desserts that we just haven’t finished eating. Become fat and sugar accumulated in different parts such as abdomen, thighs, upper arms, etc. So, eat sweets before getting fat? The answer here is that you will surely be fat, you will not survive! People lose weight , stop this behavior.

3. High blood sugar, risk of diabetes

          Consumption of foods that are high in sugar. Whether it’s sweet water, ice cream, sweets, or chocolate before bedtime. including starchy foods such as bread These high-sugar foods will cause your blood sugar to skyrocket as soon as you ingest it. Because it is a sugar that the body can absorb and use immediately. which if there is already diabetes This case is very dangerous.

          For those who are not yet diabetic Eating sweets before bed can also increase your risk of developing the disease. This is because when the body has a large amount of sugar, insulin is released to manage these sugars in the body. The more sugar The more insulin is secreted, the more insulin’s function eventually fluctuates. ultimately lead to diabetes.

4. Risk of acid reflux

          Eat and sleep. This behavior is very random. Risk of acid reflux disease. Especially people who like to eat high fat foods such as ice cream, whipped cream, cakes, desserts with coconut milk. or foods high in gas such as soft drinks It will cause bloating, indigestion, and increase the acidity of the stomach. At the same time The digestive juices and stomach acids that are involved in digesting the sweets we eat are also included in the digestion process. If the body still does not finish the digestion process As soon as we lie down, it can cause acid to flow back into the esophagus. Until I feel the taste of sour gastric juice in my throat anyway.

5. I can’t sleep.

          Sleep is the time when the body is resting. That means that the body’s systems work slower. But if we eat anything before going to bed What is not resting is our own digestive system. and when the digestive system is working at full strength This process then generates energy and heat waves in the body. As a result, we do not sleep well. restless sleep all night

6. Nightmare.

          Eat dessert before bed. Who said it would be satisfying! Because, in fact, eating foods that are high in sugar, high in fat (from butter, milk, non-dairy creamer, whipped cream, cream cake, or coconut milk) must keep the digestive system working during the period of rest. It not only affects us insomnia only. but can also play a part in creating nightmares for us because the brain that has to order the digestive system to work causing insomnia restless sleep Or some people may feel hot while sleeping. This uncomfortable sleep can cause us to have nightmares.