Drinking fruit juice is beautiful ?

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People who love themselves want to be healthy. Especially women tend to find something useful for themselves to eat. Such as fruit juice. That are expected to drink will make your skin beautiful and radiant good for health. Today we have information about this juice to leave each other.

Fruit juice thought Drinking will have beautiful skin. This story has no medical research to confirm. The understanding that Drink fruit juice and the body will benefit. Medical research also confirms that In the condition of people who have a normal body. Focus on the word normal. There is no confirmation that drinking fruit juice will have a positive effect on health.

Composition of fruits and glasses of juice

But the information that medical research confirms is Fruit juice will benefit people who are vitamin deficient. Such as those who are sick with scurvy.

Dr. Kanat Kruthakun, a specialist in cardiology and clinical nutrition cardiovascular center and metabolism Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital Mahidol University said that in addition to fruit juice benefits people who suffer from vitamin deficiencies, elderly people who do not have teeth to chew food. It is necessary to drink fresh fruit juices, but the doctor recommends that fresh fruit blended until it is water is better. because the body will get fiber as well

Importantly, the elderly must eat at a moderate level. As for the belief that the more juice you drink, the more benefits you get. In this regard, the doctor explained that in daily life If you get enough rest Exercise regularly, eat all 5 food groups, drink clean water, the body will receive nutrients. In sufficient quantities, there is almost no need to drink more juice. It also emphasized that The body needs nutrients in moderation. don’t believe The more you get, the better.

For example.

People with chronic kidney disease who come to see the doctor regularly. But bad days and bad nights were carry to the hospital. Enter the ICU immediately Ask relatives, they know before coming to the hospital The patient drank 2 glasses of fruit smoothie from these 2 glasses of juice itself, resulting in a high level of potassium in the blood. the heart beats irregularly But fortunately, the patient arrived at the hospital in time, otherwise the chances of survival were minimal.

In the example of this patient. It is clear that the body needs adequate levels of nutrients. If get too much will be a problem in abnormal conditions. Such as those with chronic renal disease Consuming too much fruit juice can be life threatening. It may result in normal people becoming obese. are at risk for many chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.