Physical abnormalities of Anorexia Nervosa

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Physical abnormalities of norexia Nervosa. The thoughts and behaviors of skinny mania often deprive the body of nutrients and energy. Over time, it can cause health effects as follows:
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  • Significant weight loss If you’re a teenager, your body doesn’t usually develop according to your age.
  • slim body May be severe to the point of the foreskin
  • Thin, brittle hair and severe hair loss
  • lack of menstruation or not come normally
  • decreased sexual arousal
  • feeling like an irregular heartbeat
  • Feeling tired, weak, dizzy, fainting and insomnia
  • Dry mouth, dry skin, purple nails, jaundice, swollen limbs, chills.
  • Worn teeth, inflamed gums, and oral diseases from puke

Severe feelings of fear about weight and body shape can be the main sign of this disorder. If you find yourself or someone close to you starting to have a change in attitudes or thoughts about yourself, you may gradually increase your confidence in different ways and educate yourself about proper weight management to prevent disease progression. This form of thinking and behavior is not necessarily diseased. This is because in clinical practice, mania is usually diagnosed when a person has had these signs for several months.