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Drinking fruit juice is beautiful ?

People who love themselves want to be healthy. Especially women tend to find something useful for themselves to eat. Such as fruit juice. That are expected to drink will make your skin beautiful and radiant good for health. Today we have information about this juice to leave

Paracetamol risk of liver damage.

Paracetamol is a common home remedy for pain relievers and fever reducers. So almost every home needs to have paracetamol in their medicine cabinet for use in relieving illnesses. It is also a drug that is easily available at drugstores and convenience stores. For this reason many

What happened frequent dizziness?

What happened frequent dizziness. Frequent dizziness can be described as a variety of sensations.Frequent dizziness such as vertigo or things around him swayed in a mess ringing in the ears. Until the feeling of being so light that he fainted. And it is difficult to describe individual frequent dizziness. The

How does fat trap drug work

How does fat trap drug work?

How does fat trap drug work ? fat trap I don’t know if I lost weight but the smell is coming. For many people who have problems with weight. No matter what you do, it doesn’t reduce until having to look for helpers such as various weight loss pills one

What is our facial skin like?

What is our facial skin like?

What is our facial skin like? Our skin types can be divided into four main categories based on the moisture content of the skin and the amount of oil in the skin. As a result, people have different skin types. Including softness, elasticity and strength of the

The basic steps in skin care

The basic steps in skin care

skin cleansing Washing your face is the most important step in your daily skin care routine. to clean the dirt excess oil and dead skin cells from the skin. Cleansing your face will help reduce acne in your teens from clogging the pores. For healthy skin You should wash your face

Physical abnormalities of Anorexia Nervosa

Physical abnormalities of norexia Nervosa. The thoughts and behaviors of skinny mania often deprive the body of nutrients and energy. Over time, it can cause health effects as follows: Significant weight loss If you’re a teenager, your body doesn’t usually develop according to your age. slim body May

How do you know it's mania?

How do you know it’s mania?

People with anorexia tend to have different thoughts, behaviors, and physical conditions. thought disorder A person with mania may have the following thoughts and feelings: Fear of gaining weight, fear of being fat.  This fear is not a general fear like when we go to a buffet