Chelsea prepares to knock on the door against Caicedo soon.

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Chelsea are expected to make an official interest in Brighton’s Ecuadorian midfielder Moises Caicedo soon. Sky Sports the British media report that. Chelsea are preparing a plan to open negotiations and submit an offer to buy Brighton. And Hove Albion midfielder Caicedo officially soon.

Chelsea’s pursuit of Caicedo in January fail to materialize and the 21-year-old play a key role in Brighton’s sixth-highest Premier League finish. And grab a ticket to play in the Europa League. It was the first European football run in the club’s history UFABET

However, if Chelsea reach an agreement with Brighton on Caicedo’s fee. Everything should end well. Because the Ecuadorian midfielder shouldn’t have any problems about private contracts with navy blue lion.

Meanwhile, Chelsea are also keeping an eye on Southampton midfielder Romeo Lavia. With the Belgian international also attracting interest from Liverpool and Arsenal.

“I am the youngest of 10 siblings. We came from a poor family in Santo Domingo. Ecuador My dream is to be the greatest player in the history of Ecuador.

“The fans accepted me into their hearts. And they will always be in my heart. So I hope fans understand why I want to take advantage of this great opportunity.” Caicedo said.

While the current situation is reported last week. Chelsea have made an offer of £ 55 million to the Seagulls army to consider. But has brushed off. 

As for the latest offer from Arsenal, who offered £ 60 million. It is still being consider at this time. Which must continue to monitor whether the results of this deal will occur in the trading market this round or not.