Raya confirms Ramsdale’s relationship is very good.

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David Raya has stressed that he has a very good relationship with Aaron Ramsdale. Even though he has usurped his position as England’s number one this football season.

Mikel Arteta signs Raya on loan from Brentford in the summer. After stating that he wants there to be more competition at each position.

Ramsdale retained his place in the starting XI for the Gunners’ first four Premier League games. But was out of action in September.

Raya, who could join Arsenal permanently next summer. UFABET If the Gunners pay £27m was chosen to start over Ramsdale for the first time in the trip to Everton.

Arteta still chooses Raya over Ramsdale, with the 25-year-old England goalkeeper last playing against Brentford in the Carabao Cup.

However, Raya insists he and Ramsdale are still good friends.

In an interview with The Athletic. Raya said: “A relationship? [Between him and Ramsdale] it was really good.”

“Ultimately, we are friends, which is what matters. We have a very good relationship. No problem at all.”

“We put pressure on each other every day in practice. When he fell I pushed him. And when I fall He did the same thing.”

“We train three goalkeepers, four at the most, for several hours a week. And you want that kind of relationship. Because otherwise Training will not go well.”

“I don’t like to look into the future. I like to look at each day. But the most perfect ending would be winning the championship with Arsenal and being called up to the national team to play in the Euros. And have a good tournament.”