Why are probiotics important for digestive and health?

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Why are probiotics important for digestive and health? Inside and outside the human body are all inhabited by bacteria. It is the skin, nasal cavity, lungs, genitals and of course the digestive system Such as the small intestine, colon, stomach, anus and many other organs.

probiotics important for digestive and health?

There are both good and bad types of bacteria living in the human body. If the quantity of both groups of bacteria is in equilibrium The body will function normally. But some external factors or lifestyles that adversely affect health. Such as stress, smoking, and drinking alcohol And eating food that is of no use. It may stimulate the weak and decreased number of good bacteria or probiotics. As a result, another group of bacteria occupy space in our body, causing the bacterial imbalance and can lead to certain health problems.

The digestive system is the system with the most probiotics live. Which this system is responsible for digestion Absorb nutrients that are necessary for the body Eliminate waste and foreign matter And also covers the immune system. Probiotics play a role in the functioning of the internal organs of the digestive tract. So when the number of bacteria in the gut is balanced. It may help the digestive system and other systems in the body to function properly.