Barca Athletic praises two young defenders.

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Barca Athletic two defenders, Pao Gubarsi and Mikhail Fai are likely to be brought up by Xavi to the first football team in the near future.

Barca Athletic coach Rafael Marquez praises Pau Gubarsi and Mikhail Fai, two young defenders. Saying they are young players with potential. After it is likely that Xavi Hernandez will call up one of them to help reduce the workload of the first team players. According to a report from ‘Diario Sport’ on Tuesday UFABET 

Gubarsi and Fai are two potential defenders at Barca Athletic who are likely to be called up by Xavi to strengthen the team. After injuries to many players, only Andreas Christensen, Ronald Araujo and Inigo Martinez are left. As the only three options for the center position. 

‘They are two players who understand each other quite well both defensively and offensively. Both are good on the ball. Maybe Mika is stronger especially with his physical ability. Guba is more organized and smart in one-on-one duels.’

‘Both are showing form, Guba surprised me even though I already knew about his quality. Because he was still very young at this level. And even then he behaved like an experienced footballer.’ 

Perhaps a more

obvious choice to be called up to strengthen the first team is Fail, who can play at left-back in addition to centre. And the 19-year-old defender may be better equipped physically to handle the rigors. In the big game, but Gubarsi has other factors that are more supportive.

Gubarsi registered with Barcelona on the Champions League stage as a homegrown under-19 player. While Fail is a new player who only joined the club last summer. The right to register players in that section. He will only play if he has a place in the first team. 

As they face Shakhtar Donetsk in two Champions League group matches in the next few weeks. It is expected that Xavi will select one of them to add options to his struggling first team. Many players are injured and Gubarsi may have an advantage due to the above conditions.