Bipolar disorder

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Bipolar disorder is a psychiatric disorder characterized by mood disorders. With an abnormality in the surging phase Alternating with the depressive phase, which is the opposite of the two poles.

The depression phase will feel boredom Not all pleasure. Sensitive, easy to cry, unable to bear loud noises. I don’t want to meet anyone or don’t want to do anything. If you are bored very much, your diet is not interested in losing weight, you sit idle for hours. Think of yourself as a burden And if he is severely ill. He or she will kill himself. Thinking that if death will get away from suffering.

Bipolar disorder

Extravagant surging period Mood changes easily. Have a lot of self-confidence Feeling that I am good, speak very fluently, greet people loudly, lack restraint, dress strange, spend wasted money. Do not think about the rules of the surging society.

The causes and factors that cause this disease. But the most important factor is that some chemicals in the brain are abnormal. If the symptoms are not very strange beliefs that are not true. Such as that magical something that was an important.


Symptoms in the depressive phase develop slowly for no reason. It can relate to some stress. such as failing exams, changing jobs, and sadly not quitting Until unable to work. As for the symptoms in the period of inflation Will be very fast. And do not think that they are wrong, within 2-3 weeks the symptoms will be full And may be emotionally very aggressive and aggressive that the relatives are unable to cope

It is important to use oral therapy. It is a drug that helps treat depression. Surging and excruciating symptoms And psychotic symptoms.