Why is the COVID 19 vaccine everyone should get?

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Why is the COVID 19 vaccine everyone should get? Because COVID-19 is a virus that spread widely throughout the world today. Including a serious disease Spread easily And still can’t find a cure for it. Therefore need to find a way to protect yourself as much as possible And the most effective way today is vaccination. Because the COVID-19 vaccine stimulates the body to build immunity to the virus. And help prevent infection if you get infected in the future But it may take a period of time for the body to build up the immune system after vaccination. 

Symptoms after getting the COVID 19 vaccine

At this time, Thailand has vaccines from Sinovac and AstraZeneca to give to people. Which both of these vaccines May cause side effects after injection in 2 cases:

1. Symptoms that can be predictable.
These are normal symptoms that can occur after the vaccination, such as pain, swelling, redness, heat, in the injection site, nervousness, having a fever, or in some cases, a high fever. You may need to sleep for 2-3 days to get better. But not a serious symptom Can eat fever medicine as usual.

2. Symptoms that can not be predictable.
Because it is an individual allergic reaction Which has both severe and non-violent It will be found within 30 minutes after injection, such as dizziness, fainting, heart palpitations, suffocation, a toxic rash around the body. Swollen face or mouth, nausea and vomiting, with very severe symptoms

Therefore, symptoms should be observed within 30 minutes after the vaccination in the hospital where you received the injection. If there is an allergic reaction, it can be treated promptly. And if returning to continue to observe symptoms at home And have a mild allergic reaction It is imperative to record every abnormality that can be felt in the ready doctor application.