How to quit smoking

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How to quit smoking?

How to quit smoking? Set goals and motivations Be clear about your goals or motives for quitting smoking. You may use the method of writing on the wall that you want to quit smoking because of something, for example for your family, for work or for your health.

  • The deadline for quitting smoking How long will it take from what date to what date? During that time, you must never pick up a cigarette.
  • Use behavioral therapy Is a modification of the behavior that is used to Avoid emotions that cause the urge to smoke. By using an internal motivation method for quitting smoking And under the supervision of doctors and nurses
  • There are two groups of smoking cessation drugs: low-dose nicotine replacement drugs in the form of chewing gum or nicotine skin patches. And nicotine-free tablets to help reduce withdrawal symptoms due to nicotine deficiency.
  • Acupuncture to help reduce the urge to smoke and relieve irritability.
  • Quit smoking with lemon Take a whole lemon peel. Cut it into small pieces and carry it with you. When you feel the urge to smoke, pick up a lemon. Chew the lemon peel and swallow. Research has shown that lemons contain vitamin C, which can help reduce nicotine cravings. Most people who quit smoking with lemon found that they could quit smoking within 2 weeks, resulting in no more craving for smoking.
  • Find activities to do to attract attention. When having symptoms of wanting to smoke Whether it’s exercising, playing a game, or watching a movie, anything will distract you from picking up a cigarette.