The basic steps in skin care

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skin cleansing

Washing your face is the most important step in your daily skin care routine. to clean the dirt excess oil and dead skin cells from the skin. Cleansing your face will help reduce acne in your teens from clogging the pores. For healthy skin You should wash your face twice a day, in the morning after waking up. and before going to bed.

in case of makeup Should wash off all makeup before going to bed. To prevent the accumulation of cosmetics, dust and bacteria that cause acne. By using an oil-based makeup remover, which can dissolve makeup and sunscreen on the face thoroughly. Followed by washing your face with a gentle facial soap. and gently pat your face dry if you have oily or combination skin. 

spot skin care

Most teenagers are prone to acne. because it has oily skin Pores are easily clogged by impurities in the case of skin care products or other acne products. Should be used after washing your face thoroughly. Because it will allow the drug to penetrate into the skin better.

Benzoyl peroxide ( benzoyl the peroxide )  , a chemical used to treat acne with mild symptoms and can be purchased online. But it can cause skin irritation. Therefore, it should be started from a low-concentration drug once a day at night. or use as directed by a doctor or pharmacist. To prevent side effects, if you feel a burning sensation on the skin at the application site Rinse with mild soap and water and start using benzoyl. peroxide again the next day.

For those who have other skin problems that need special nourishment. You may choose to use a serum that contains concentrated nourishing ingredients like green tea extract. If your skin is dull and dull. and vitamin E if dry skin Or may use other products that are suitable for each person’s skin type.

add moisture to the skin

Apply Moisturizer helps to hydrate the skin. by adding water to the skin directly on the outermost layer of the skin and help retain water in the skin Reduce the loss of moisture that causes dry skin. The ingredients used in Moyse riser including glycerol ceramide anti conservative value freedom and peptides.

Moisturizer should be applied regularly after washing your face. Both in the morning and at bedtime. By choosing facial care products that do not contain substances that cause irritation or clogging the skin. Those with dry skin should opt for a creamy or balm-type moisturizer that has a high concentration. For those with oily skin Should choose a light gel moisturizer that does not contain oil. 

protect the skin from the sun

Apply sunscreen daily to protect your skin from the damage of UV rays in sunlight and other pollutants. Also is considered an important step in maintaining a healthy skin. Prevents the occurrence of dark spots, dark skin, premature aging. It also helps prevent skin cancer. This may be caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight.

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