How does fat trap drug work?

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How does fat trap drug work ? fat trap I don’t know if I lost weight but the smell is coming. For many people who have problems with weight. No matter what you do, it doesn’t reduce until having to look for helpers such as various weight loss pills one of them is Fat trap pills that sound like they’re harmless. and still get rid of fat But is that true? Today we are looking for an answer for you. 

How does fat trap drug work?

Normally, the human body has a scissor-like mechanism that breaks down fat into smaller sizes. to be absorbed into the body But if we take this drug to trap this fat. These pills will render the scissors inoperable. Fat will not be digested and absorbed for use

These unused fats remain in the intestines. And is excreted to make stool liquid and it when excreting people who take this type of pills will find that fat comes out as well. oh it’s delightful It seems that these pills actually work as they want. 

The effect of fat trap drugs

  1. The sphincter that prevents feces from coming out to the outside world prematurely. It is better suited to blocking solid stools. If the stool is liquid and greasy The sphincter may not be blocked well. When something minor, such as coughing or sneezing, these faeces may escape. If in the midst of many people Or being out of this house is definitely embarrassed.
  2. Unpleasant smell followed as well. Because when fat remains in the intestines, bacteria work harder. Smell more as well. When did you drive this time? It may be encountered with the condition of “rotten intestines” stinking to the kind that must be covered with soap and shampoo ever.

results of fat trap pills

Although we can see fat coming out of the excretion as well. But it wasn’t all that I ate. In fact, only one third of them is. Assuming 2000 calories, of which 700 calories are fat, fat trap drugs will only trap 233 calories. So little that it may be called ineffective at all. Because besides fat, we also have flour in one meal. And sugar as well as fat trap drugs affect this group at all.