8 ways to prevent finger locks that everyone can follow

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8 ways to prevent finger locks that everyone can follow

Locked finger disease is a person who uses their hands too much. or using the wrong hands In particular, up to 80 percent of women carry heavy objects repeatedly.

The fingers that have the most problems with locking are the thumb and ring finger. Professions that are at risk of locking fingers and requiring special care are housewives carrying heavy objects, gardeners, tree trimmers, electricians, traditional masseuses. computer typist Badminton players, golfers, etc.

It is also found in people whose hands are in accidents frequently. and found with rheumatoid arthritis patients or diabetic patients are more likely than normal

Locked fingers have a clear cause. And if you know how to use your fingers properly, they can help prevent injuries to the tendon sheath as follows.

  1. don’t carry heavy things

Such as plastic bags, baskets, buckets of water if necessary. Should use a towel and carry the weight to the palm of the hand. Instead of putting the weight on the knuckles Or use the method of support to reduce the weight of the fingers.

  1. should not twist

Wash large quantities of laundry by hand and repeat frequently. And should not wring the cloth to dry completely. This will hold onto the tendon sheath until it ruptures and is the beginning of lock finger disease.

  1. Golfers who need to hit hard and long distances should wear gloves.

Or use flannel to cover the handle to make it thicker and softer. to reduce the impact force They should not drive golf continuously for a long time.

  1. Working hours that require technicians Be careful of gripping, crushing, heavy-duty tools.

Such as screwdrivers, saws, hammers, etc., should be worn with gloves or wrapped around the handle to make it larger and softer.

  1. Gardeners are wary of cutting branches with scissors.

Clay slashing, tree slashing with knives, machetes, and other hand-powered operations, gloves should be worn to reduce injury to the tendon sheath and tendon. Do not use your bare hands to carry heavy tanks on a regular basis. Connect a hose instead of carrying a water tank.

  1. People who regularly lift heavy objects

For example, a person delivering water, bottles, gas tanks. chef cook Bare hands should be avoided. There should be a cloth to support the handle while lifting. and use labor-saving equipment such as carts and rickshaws instead

  1. If you need to do manual work, pick up and squeeze the tool for long periods of time. You should use a power saver.

For example, wrap the handle large and soft, for example, wrap the handle of a turner in a cook.

  1. Some tasks require long hours of continuous work.

makes hands tired or sore You should rest your hands periodically. Such as doing 45 minutes, should rest your hands to do other tasks for 10 minutes.