Pearl milk tea. How to eat to be far away from disease.

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Pearl milk tea a popular dessert that can reach people of all genders and ages. Because it is sweet, delicious, cheap and easy to buy. both in the market and in department stores. But the sweetness and deliciousness of bubble tea accompanied by disease. That can happen to all genders and ages as well. So we have a way to eat bubble tea away from disease.

Diseases caused by pearl milk tea

  • Diabetes : The World Health Organization has set a daily sugar intake should not exceed 6 teaspoons. Pearl milk tea contains sugar and starch in one cup. and carbohydrates from pearls that turns into sugar again Makes consuming one cup of pearl milk tea a day Have the right to receive more than 6 teaspoons of sugar and if consumed regularly will cause consumers to be overweight and have diabetes
  • Obesity : Consistent consumption of bubble tea It is one behavior that will cause obesity. is being overweight, having a fat belly, larger arms and legs However, obesity can cause complications such as diabetes, coronary heart disease. and degenerative arthritis, etc. 
  • Vascular and cardiovascular disease : in the composition of pearl milk tea full of sugar and bad cholesterol (LDL), which increases triglycerides if you eat too much causing the body to not get rid of triglycerides completely This can result in cardiovascular and heart disease.

How to eat pearl milk tea to be disease-free

  • 1. Choose the smallest size mug. Eat bubble tea in moderation because bubble tea is a high-calorie drink. not a staple food
  • 2. Reduce the sweetness level to the lowest. Usually sweetened bubble tea usually contains a lot of sugar. Makes the daily consumption of sugar more than 6 teaspoons, so should reduce the sugar level step by step. Until it’s not sweet at all, it’s even better.
  • 3. Reduce food on the day of eating bubble tea. Should reduce the amount of starchy food, sugar on the day of eating bubble tea. In order not to get too much sugar and bad fat (LDL) 

The deliciousness of bubble tea accompanying disease especially in childhood because in addition to diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease Children who consume pearl milk tea There may be an accident such as a pearl stuck in the neck. Plus, sugar can cause tooth decay as well. Therefore, the consumption of bubble tea can be eaten properly and not often.  according to report by ufabet